Goths are different from other people. People often  condemn what they do not understand or does not belong. Consequently, a number of assumptions were made and created several stereotypes. 

We have to clarify a few points: 

- They are not satanic 

- They do not believe vampires 

- They're not dangerous or violent 

- They are not obsessed with murder 

- Not all are drug addicts 

- Only a tiny minority is gay 

- They are not suicide 

- There are sadomasochistic 

- Not all wear black 

- Not all wear makeup 

- Not all tattoos and piercings use 

- Not all dark music listening only. 

- There are a subculture based on the music (though this is an almost indispensable part of any gothic life). 

- They work to attend, classes to attend, pay taxes have cars and houses, often volunteering in their communities and as productive as most, if not more 
- Most have artistic tendencies, but not all are musicians composing dark, pretentious artists, or writers freak comics. Some do these things, of course, but others weave, make jewelry, writing everything from novels to humorous essays, cook, sculpt, photograph, do gardening, dancing, making movies, designing games, or are wrapped in hundreds of other creative activities


People have accused or described Goths as being:
  • Depressed,
  • Unusually bigoted,
  • Violent,
  • Suicidal,
  • Involved in illegal drugs,
  • Vampires or believe themselves to be vampires,
  • Sado-masochists,
  • Satanists,
  • Musicians, painters, and other artists,
  • Computer programmers (although there seem to be a lot of them)
  • Wearers of black (some wear white and gunmetal),
  • Dyers of their hair,
  • Users of white makeup.